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Sebro is a freelance-like platform for the SEO related market. The main feature of the platform is an automated tracking and statistics gathering of work and strongly formalized criteria of its completion or failure.

For freelancers – we will build a platform with a number of technical instruments helping them to implement and to track their work in the area of SEO as well as a number of additional projects to work with. Starting second release SEO freelancers will be able to create their own online offices (web sites) in the domain of Sebro, getting all the benefits of the platform.

For customers – we will build a market of SEO services with relatively low prices. One of the main features for the customers is simplicity and automated control of their projects. Sebro will offer some keywords for optimization based on the web site URL and estimate expenses. Once freelancer started working on the project Sebro will track the results and inform customer on any progress. This way Sebro enables SEO services for customers without deep knowledge of that area.

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